Mark's 2nd & William's 30th Birthdays

This year Mark had the pleasure of celebrating his second birthday with his dad who turned 30.  What I find amazing about Mark is his passion for cars.  At the tender age of two he loves all things cars and goes crazy over them.  So for his second birthday I thought it most appropriate to go with the cars theme.

William had other plans for the party.  As part of the festivities, he held a bridge building competition. Although I thought it was a "nerdy" idea, I'm glad we did it.  It gave the party-goers something else to do besides eating, drinking, and kid watching.  The aim of the competition was to build a bridge that could hold the most weight relative to its own.  The winning bridge was the simplest design.  It was still going strong even after we had run out of items to weigh it down.  The table the bridge was resting on was feeling the pressure and buckling from all the added weight but the bridge did not budge.  Congratulations Team Glassmeyer for their amazing design.

William, the kids, and I would like to thank everyone who attended.  We are glad that you could be part of our celebration.  Additionally, I would also like to thank my house cleaners, chefs, sous-chefs, cheese graters, dip makers, trash collectors, and baby sitters.  This party would not have been a success without your help.  :-)

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