Father's Day 2009
We had a memorable Father's Day this year. I made French toast for breakfast and tried to do the whole breakfast-in-bed thing for William but he wasn't having any of it. William is not a breakfast person so he was not excited about the sentiment. Oh well, at least I tried.

As part of our fun filled day, we grabbed William's brother Charles (Chad) and headed out to lunch and the museum.  Lunch was eaten at a stuffy old Victorian Tea House which William surprisingly chose. I was hesitant about his choice because I didn't think it would be child friendly but since it was his day I went along with the decision. The place was okay. It didn't have high chairs but it did have a children's menu so it turned out well. Although, I still can't believe that William choose to go to a Tea House for lunch instead of the pub that was next door.

After lunch we went to the Arizona Museum of Science. They were hosting a LEGO exhibit and I thought that William and the kids would enjoy this as they are such LEGO heads. I had kept the museum and the exhibit a surprise for William. So he had no clue where he was being taken to and what he would be doing. The LEGO exhibit wasn't as big as I had expected it to be but it was still a hit with the boys and Caitlin who spent at least an hour building their LEGO castles. In addition to the LEGO exhibit the museum had other interesting stuff to explore and play with.

After the museum we had dinner at an Indian restaurant where Aidan refused to eat his rice because it had peas in it. FYI, Aidan does eat peas but he just wanted to be difficult. I guess it was his way of saying he was tired after all the excitement of the day. After dinner, we dropped Chad off, headed home, and called it a day.

My favorite part of the day was when I sent the kids in to wake William up with the cards/pictures that they drew for him. They were so excited and William had no idea what had hit him since he was still groggy from his slumber. It also had the unintentional yet delightful bonus of making William feel guilty for not making an effort to do anything for me on Mother's Day. Additionally I would like to give a special thanks to Chad for joining our crazy family on our Father's Day adventure. His presence made William's day.

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