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April 27, 2007
After years of longing and months of hoping and envying those who have, I am happy to say that William and I are going to have a baby girl.  Although the ultrasound puts the baby's due date for September 13, 2007, it is close to the due date the doctor suggested that no change was made to it.  Therefore, the due date remains at September 09, 2007.  My prediction, given my history and if all things go well, the baby will be born mid to late August.  I'm so excited!  And yes, we do have a name for the baby.  William and I are just working on how we want it spelled.

It's a GIRL!

Help us settle our debate.  Vote for your favorite spelling of the baby's name.  :-D

March 14, 2007
The due date for Baby Miracle keeps changing.  Original due date was September 06, 2007, but an early ultrasound suggested September 19, 2007.  Latest ultrasound, done on March 13, 2007, suggest that the baby is expected to arrive September 09, 2007.  It's still too early to tell the sex of the baby but we should know by late April/early May.

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