Caitlin's First Birthday

On September 3rd 2008, Caitlin turned a year old. Here is a review of her first year.
  • At birth Caitlin weighed 6 lbs 9 oz. She currently weighs in at approximately 18 lbs.
  • Her first smile was to her Mee-Maw (Great-Grandma) when she was about a month and half old.
  • She cut her first tooth in on March 24th. She was six and a half months old.
  • She now has 7 teeth – 3 on the bottom and 4 on top.
  • On May 5th she took her first steps across the bathtub. 
  • She was eight and a half months old when she started walking (May 22nd).
It's been a joy to watch Caitlin pass from infancy into toddlerhood and I look forward to all the adventures we will have with her.

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