A Baby Shower For A Baby Girl  

Bless his heart; William tried so hard to make this baby shower a surprise for me. But I am a suspicious creature by nature and I suspected something was up.

Here’s how the story unfolds…Even thought the shower was planned for August 05, 2007, Carolyn told me that they were going to have it on August 12, 2007. William then told me that Carolyn had sent out the invitations with the wrong date (which she actually did). So when people started slipping and talking about the actual date of the party, I didn’t suspect much. It wasn’t until William asked me what I would wear to go out to the movies with his mom and aunts on August 5th that I started to get suspicious. William never cares about what I wear. Even more suspicious was that William actually suggested that I could buy a new outfit to wear to my August 12th baby shower. If you know William, you’ll know that he is never one who would allow me to make any frivolous purchases without making me talk and think about it. So I was completely taken aback by his suggestion. Other comments were made on the day of the shower that aroused my curiosity but for every slip there was a flawless cover up. Therefore I was never sure what was going on.

In the end though, it worked out well, because I was definitely surprised. I am really happy and thankful to my family for going through all this trouble for me.

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