Roshani and William's

Baby Page

Here's Aidan at 3 months. He keeps us up all the time but he's a lot of fun. His favorite things to do are eating, being walked around, and looking at his reflection. Be sure to check out Roshani's page with more pictures!

Aidan is smiling at the camera - which is hard to get him to do.

Aidan arrives early! At 33 weeks, he's only 4 lbs 5 oz, in good health and able to breath on his own. He's going to be a tall baby because he's already 40.5 cm. He has to stay at the hospital until he gains enough weight to maintain his body temperature. Aidan has mom's pouty face when he's upset (and dad's long legs).

Aidan is just a couple hours old here, and a little annoyed that his picture is being taken.

See Aidan's Baby Announcement!

We thought it would be fun to have the ultrasound pictures up for everyone to see:

Top picture has pointer revealing gender, bottom shows baby from side. Here you can see the baby's head, and some arms and legs (sort of)!

Click on them to see a larger version. These pictures are at 20 weeks and the baby weighs about 12 oz.

While Roshani has been feeling little movements from baby for a couple weeks already, I just felt the first movements at 22 weeks (Feb. 4, 2004). She has to lie down pretty still before I can feel the little "kicks", but they are there!

It's a boy!

Due June 6, 2004, according to the last ultrasound, which was a day off the original expected date.

We'll add more information soon! Roshani has her own website with the story of how we met!