Samples of
Writings & Drawings

It is hard to fathom that  two years ago both William and I had the hardest time deciphering what Aidan was trying to tell us.  At three years old, Aidan was still babbling in his baby language. Then he started pre-school and his speech took off.  William and I were finally able to understand what Aidan was saying.  In addition, Aidan also learned how to write his name. Two years later, Aidan is driving us crazy with his incessant questions, writing stories, and he is a proficient reader.  

When Aidan started Montessori in the fall of 2008, his teacher were amazed at how well he could read.  Where as many students do not get a "Book Bag" (a milestone in the Montessori) until later on in the school year, Aidan earned his bag within the first week of school.  Since then he has progressed through two reading levels at the Montessori.

Below are some sample of his drawing and writing skills.

This writing sample is one of my favorites even though it does not look like Aidan wrote most of it. This looks more like an example of a dictation of his thoughts.

Eye Pods
by Aidan Dubel

Eye pods make music.  We put batteries in it.  Keep it closed so the batteries don't run low.

Water color drawing

This is Aidan's last piece of art work from the Montessori.

This was one of Aidan's first writing pieces.  I don't know the exact date of when he wrote this but I believe this was written in early spring of this year.

For All To MS. Roshani Dubel
by Aidan Dubel

All Americans are equal.  Each person is importance.  One person can make a difference. One person can help everyone.

Aidan drew this picture in early October 2008.  William could not figure out what Aidan had drawn but I knew immediately.  The little smiley circle on the left is Aidan.  He is watching his dad (big smiley circle on the right) play guitar hero (the triangle is the guitar).  The big white square in the middle is the TV and the colored circles at the bottom of the page represents the colored guitar strokes for the game.

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