Aidan's 4th Birthday
Aidan had an eventful 4th birthday. For the most part the celebration on his actual birthday (Thursday, April 24th) was pretty standard: cupcakes at school, lunch at Red Robin, dinner and a birthday cupcake for a night cap.

The drama started on Friday when, during his normal rough play, Aidan cut his big toe (on what, William and I still don't know). Aidan being the drama boy that he is, was screaming hysterically and would not let anyone close to his foot. William thought he may have hurt his toenail and took Aidan to the doctor to get it checked. The nurse covered his scrape with a $100 bandage which fell off an hour later.

Sadly this was not the end of Aidan's rough day. Aidan woke up that night with a really upset stomach and an inability to keep his dinner down. He had gotten a bad case of the stomach flu and was up most of the night because of it. It took him close to a week to recover which means that he spent most of his birthday party down and out. He was looking forward to his party for months and when the day finally came he wasn't feeling well enough to join in all the festivities. In spite of his ailments, at the conclusion of his party Aidan reported, "Mommy, my birthday party was fun!"

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