Halloween 2006
Aidan was going to dress up as a lion for Halloween, but every time I brought out his costume he would run away from me, yelling, “Mommy, no.” So instead of a lion, Aidan celebrated Halloween as a sunburned tourist.

This Halloween was the first time Aidan went trick-or-treating. At first he was scared of the process. He would get all the way up to the door, then turn around and run back to William and me, yelling, “No!” With the help of his grand-aunt Laurie (“Narie” as he calls her), and his uncles Dylan, Sean, and Ryan, Aidan soon figured out what Halloween is all about… CANDY! By the time we got to the third house, Aidan was determinedly clutching his candy bag, repeating “trick-or-treat” as we walked, patiently waiting in line for his turn to get candy, saying thank you, and heading off to the next house for more treats.


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